Monday, December 30, 2013

Scintillating items in my life

Well it’s not the new year, so I’m not making any resolutions. Yet. Maybe not at all. But I am getting more excited about our cruises coming up. I’ve been reading on Cruise Critic all about various river cruises that are, more or less, going from Bucharest to Amsterdam. It’s especially cool to see my daughter posting on the same sites that I am posting. She has pointed me to an interesting site that has maps of all the cities we’ll be visiting. I’ve already downloaded it to my phone (Android, but it’s available for iPhones as well).

So that got my travel juices flowing again! So I’m thinking about the ocean cruise as well and have set myself a goal of going through all the posts on our ocean cruise on Cruise Critic and making a list of the tours being offered. Right now there are so many that I’m getting confused, especially since another person is offering the same tour that I am!

Meanwhile life goes on for me and it’s difficult to find time to do all the fun things I want to do vis-à-vis our cruises while doing all the other things in my life:

  •          preparing a sit-down dinner for 16 on New Year’s Eve
  •          teaching a CPR class
  •          presenting a Living With Urban Wildlife program
  •          designing a powerpoint presentation for early in February
  •          getting out the newsletter Symbiosis in early January and early April (that HAS to be done by April 1 since we’re leaving the house on April 5!)
  •          and the ordinary stuff like dinner every night
  •          surfing the internet for interesting stuff for our cruises

How on earth did Randy and I ever find time to work and raise a family? We’re RETIRED and seemingly haven’t enough time to do everything we want to do!

This ISN’T a resolution, but I am really, really going to try to find time to write about my preparations for the cruises and other scintillating items in my life on a regular basis, MAYBE every week?

As an aside: I just noticed that I have almost as many views for New Zealand as I do from the US! (see the little flag counter to the right) I have no idea why that is, but since I love New Zealand (and Australia!), I'm glad I have at least a few viewers from there!

97 days until we leave for Fort Lauderdale! Whoopee!